Respite Care

  • Are you looking for a place to stay as you transition to home from a hospital or short-term rehabilitation stay?
  • Are you a sandwich generation caregiver who needs a break from caregiving or wants to take a family vacation?
  • Are you interested in senior living but just want to try it out?

Respite brings the perfect opportunity to try out assisted living without obligation. Perhaps you’re considering residency in one of the Homes’ communities but would like to “try it out” before making a long-term commitment. Statistically, a significant number of residents choose the Homes as the result of respite trials. They find new friends, outlets for their interests as well as a very welcoming environment.

Follow a rehab stay people often select a respite stay to ensure they are back on their feet before returning home. All the amenities and comforts, complemented by a professional staff, make these transitions seamless.

Respite also provides peace of mind for caregivers looking for a safe, secure environment for their loved ones while taking a vacation, requiring time for a specific purpose, or just desiring a much-needed break. Stays range from a one week to several months.