Alzheimer’s And Memory Support Services

Worldwide, the number of people with dementia is currently estimated at 35.6 million, and is projected to double every 20 years. In response to the increasing need, the United Methodist Homes has established memory support residences in four of its full service communities:

Families Dealing with Alzheimer’s Disease

Progressively worsening dementia can take its toll on families who are usually not well equipped to deal with the increasing level of demands both emotionally and physically. The next best thing to a cure for Alzheimer’s, is a program of regular stimulation, mental and physical exercise and medication if necessary, which can have a dramatic ability to slow and even improve cognitive function. UMH memory support residences are especially designed to offer the perfect environment to improve the quality of life for residents with all levels of memory loss and other cognitive impairments.

What Can UMH Do To Help Treat Memory Diseases?

Because the progressive illness diminishes intellectual abilities, skills and daily functioning over time, programming revolves around activities associated with living at home . These programs are based on individuals’ unique needs, preferences and strengths. For therapeutic value, everyday routines are incorporated into the neighborhood lifestyle:

  • Setting the Table
  • Baking
  • Cooking
  • Folding Clothes
  • Socialization
  • Gardening
  • Group Discussions

Other important programming components include fitness, music and sensory involvement. These approaches promote dignity and independence as well as being entertaining and social.

Consistent with the programmatic goals, all four residences emulate home environments. They include resident studio apartments, dining rooms, serving and/or country kitchens, large and small activity areas, common open spaces, therapeutic tub rooms, and fireplaces. Further enhancing safety, these residences are self-contained and each is equipped with nurse call and wander management systems.

Where Are Memory Support Services Provided?

Our memory support services are provided in our full service communities. Housed in Assisted Living, Memory Support services offer studio apartment style living. This residence has been specially designed to support individuals with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia and monitoring is provided consistent with the level of functioning of each resident.

Altzhiemers care and memory support is offered at The Shores at Wesley Manor in Ocean City, Bristol Glen in Newton, Francis Asbury Manor in Ocean Grove, and Pitman Manor in Pitman New Jersey.

Call us today to discuss your specific concerns related to all form of memory impairment and treatments.